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The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (LX) Isaiah

“Come near, ye nations, to hear, and attend, ye peoples; let the earth hear, and the fullness thereof, the world, and all things that come forth of it.” (Isaiah 34:1)

The entire chapter 34 of Isaiah is another reiteration of God's plan for humankind regarding the imminent change of consciousness toward the goodness He wants to prevail in the material world. The nations, the peoples, the earth, the world and all that come them are destined to be transformed in order to serve the purpose of goodness. These represent all we have made out of our consciousness without the purpose of goodness. These are the enemies and obstacles we have created by choosing ego's fantasies and illusions, and following the negative tendencies in consciousness.

The intrinsic goodness in us -- which defines our Essence and true identity -- is destined to rule all aspects and dimensions of life. This realization is our Final Redemption and the starting point of the Messianic Era.

“For the Lord has indignation against all the nations, and fury against all their host; He has utterly destroyed them, He has delivered them to the slaughter.” (34:2)

God repeatedly tell us in the Torah that His ways and attributes do not cohabit with anything different or opposed to them. He presents to us the blessings of goodness and the curses of evil, for us to choose goodness. He created evil for us to have free will. Hence evil exists as a reference to choose goodness, not as a choice to be evil. Thus we understand His indignation when we choose to corrupt the goodness in us by making envy, lust, arrogance, greed, cruelty, and their predicament the rulers of life and the material world. Again we note that the Prophet is referring to God's words in the past tense, because His will has been decreed before His Creation. God is teaching us a transcendental knowledge by giving us free will. It is transcendental because what we learn is destined to transcend what we didn't know before, that which we used to do out of ignorance.

In other words, we are in the material world to transcend what prevents us to realize our Essence and true identity, which is the goodness as the common bond with our Creator. Hence goodness is what is destined to transcend the material world. Goodness is the cause, the means and the end. Once we fully realize this principle, we are ready to enter the transcendence (eternity) of the Messianic Era. Therefore goodness is the key to our Final Redemption. Our mystic Chassidic Sages teach that the only way to our individual and collective Redemption is by loving and caring for each other. This is goodness in motion, goodness in the practice.

The Prophet is telling us that God already decreed His elimination of the traits and trends that don't transcend in our consciousness, for these are only references to pursue the transcendental. The lesson here is to realize that evil is ultimately our own invention, because it has existed essentially as a reference and not as a choice. We make evil real, clear and present by the negative choices we make. God awaits for us to learn a little faster from the references He gave us. Hence it is up to us to complete our learning process, and initiate the Final Redemption in order to enter the new stage in God's plan called the Messianic Era.

In the following verses there is a reference about Edom as the worst of the nations, in terms of the lowest ideologies, beliefs, feelings, emotions, passions and instincts. Goodness as the material manifestation of God's Love will wipe them out of our consciousness, and they won't have any reflection in the material world. This means that we will not see them in nature. No wild or violent animals, no trees that don't bear fruit, no natural disasters. 

“For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense for the controversy of Zion.” (34:8)

Zion as the permanent awareness of God's Love will be vindicated, and eternally established as the ruling principle in all aspects and dimensions of consciousness. Goodness as the transcending ruler in God's Creation. The Prophet brings allegories of wild animals and predators that devour what is also part of their nature. Evil feeds from evil, as the nothingness that belongs to nothingness. Negative traits and trends we have created out of what does not transcend such as ego's fantasies and illusions. As God separated between Light and darkness, good and evil, blessing and curse, each belong to their own attributes and realms. This is God's will and He chose goodness to prevail and transcend.

“And He has cast the lot for them, and His hand has divided it unto them by line; they shall possess it for ever, from generation to generation shall they dwell therein.” (34:17)

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