Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (CI) Isaiah

“And strangers have stood and fed your flock, sons of a foreigner are your farmers and your vine-dressers.” (61:5)

We have referred to “strangers” as traits and trends “alien” to our spiritual nature. Consciousness is a multidimensional entity we don't know regarding its capability in terms of discernment, perception, conception and thought, or its reach in terms of feelings, emotions and sensations. We have potentials to assimilate these dimensions according to what we bring to them.

We often say that our mystic Sages consider all these dimensions “vessels”, meaning they don't act by themselves but by what we put in them. Hence we insist in keeping them empty of negativity, and fill them permanently with the positive traits and trends of Love's ways and attributes. Thus we realize that Love is its own cause and effect.

In this context, the highest positive values, principles, ideas, beliefs are those that are not “strange” or “alien” to us, for they are inherent to our spiritual nature. “Strange” or “alien” are not necessary negative traits, but certainly something that is not part of our spiritual essence and identity.

These are accessories in our consciousness to survive in the material world, such as the emotional intensity with which we experience life, and the instincts that force us to maintain the physical body working properly.

Hence they should be subservient to the higher purpose that aims our higher consciousness. In our current stage of human consciousness, many of us are actually subjugating our higher spiritual identity to lower passions and instincts, and not the opposite.

The Prophet reminds us that in the Final Redemption, the Messianic consciousness is elevated to its spiritual destiny by virtually all aspects and dimensions of our existence. Therefore, the “strangers” care and feed the life God wants us to live when evil is completely eliminated.

The “strangers” sustain and feed the goodness we essentially are, and our destiny to make it prevail forever. Our “flock” and “vineyards” are all the aspects and dimensions as fields of life where we are destined plant and harvest the seeds of Love's ways and attributes. The same approach applies for the “nations” as we see in the next verse.

“And ye are called 'Priests of the Lord', 'Ministers of our God' is said of you. The strength of nations ye consume, and in their honor ye do boast yourselves.” (61:6)

The Torah defines the identity of the children of Israel as their purpose in life. Israel exists to fulfill its destiny, which is to be Light for the nations. Thus we are named priests and ministers of the Creator to fulfill His will for the material world. The allegory in this verse is related to the goodness Israel does for the nations, which is also the reason Israel honors himself.

In a higher consciousness approach, goodness represented by Israel takes away (“consume”) the negative traits and trends represented by the nations. Hence as goodness becomes the cause, reason and purpose for all levels and dimensions of our consciousness, it also becomes our honor for which we boast ourselves.

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Let's reexamine our ancestral memory, intellect, feelings, emotions and passions. Let's wake them up to our true Essence. Let us engage in the delightful awareness of Love as the Essence of G-d. The way this book is written is to reaffirm and reiterate its purpose, so it presents its message and content in a recurrent way. This is exactly its purpose, to restate the same Truth originally proclaimed by our Holy Scriptures, Prophets and Sages. Our purpose is to firmly enthrone G-d's Love in all dimensions of our consciousness, and by doing it we will fulfill His Promise that He may dwell with us on Earth forever. Let's discover together the hidden message of our ancient Scriptures and Sages. In that journey, let's realize Love as our Divine Essence, what we call in this book the revealed Light of Redemption in the Messianic era.