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The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (CXIV) Isaiah

Do I bring to the birth and not cause to bring forth? Said the Lord. Am not I He who is causing to beget? I have also restrained, said your God. Rejoice ye with Jerusalem and be glad in her all ye loving her. Rejoice ye with her for joy, all ye are mourning for her.(Isaiah 66:9-10)

God creates, controls and conducts His entire Creation, and wants the children of Israel to rejoice in their connection with Him that is Jerusalem, those who love her. All of the Jews who have mourned for Jerusalem must be happy and rejoice in her, for she is destined to be rebuilt along with her Temple forever. Let's all Israel rejoice in God's word and promise.

So that ye suck, and have been satisfied from the breast of her consolations. So that ye wring out, and have delighted yourselves from the abundance of her glory. For thus said the Lord: 'Lo, I am stretching out to her peace as a river, and as an overflowing stream the honor of nations. And ye have sucked, on the side ye are carried, and on the knees ye are dandled.(66:11-12)

The breast of Jerusalem's consolations is precisely the new consciousness that will come forth for our Redemption. Its unfathomable qualities will satiate our yearnings of the knowledge of God in which we will delight eternally in its endlessness. The expansion of our consciousness as an overflowing stream of peace as completion and totality.

The nations as our lower traits and trends will honor this new consciousness by carrying us and supporting us in our assimilation of knowing the revealed Presence of God in us.

As one whom his mother comforts, so do I comfort you. Yea, in Jerusalem ye are comforted. And ye have seen and rejoiced has your heart, and your bones as tender grass do flourish. And the hand of the Lord has been known unto His servants, and He has been indignant with His enemies.(66:13-14)

God's Love will be totally revealed to us as He promises in these verses. We will be comforted in unfathomable ways to be known through our new consciousness in which evil nor negative traits and trends exist no more. This reminds us Moses' plea to the Creator, quoted by king David.

Let Your work be revealed unto Your servants, and Your splendor (lit. way) on their sons.(Psalms 90:16)

In order for this to happen, the “indignation” of God with His “enemies” also has to occur, for this new consciousness does not cohabit with anything different from God's promise for the Messianic era.

For, lo, the Lord in fire comes, and as a hurricane His chariots to refresh in fury His anger. And His rebuke in flames of fire. For by fire and by His sword the Lord does judgment with all flesh. And many have been the Lord's pierced ones'.(Isaiah 66:15-16)

We must understand that God's Love is as fire, the catalyst that will transform our current consciousness tampered by darkness and negativity into the golden and uplifting qualities of Love's ways and attributes as the material manifestation of God's Love.

Fire and sword are the proper allegories to make us aware of God's power to make His will prevails. He has done it before with His messengers and Prophets that He transformed to serve Him as He pleases.

Those sanctifying and cleansing themselves at the gardens, [one] after one in the midst, eating flesh of the swine. And of the abomination, and of the rat, together are consumed. An affirmation of the Lord.(66:17)

Idol worship as ego's fantasies and illusions derived from negative traits and trends will disappear from human consciousness. Those are the lower ideas, ideologies, thoughts, feelings and emotions we make lead our lives as the gardens devoted to idolatry. The swine, the abomination and the rodent as symbols of the abject consciousness will cease to exist, as God affirms it.

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