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The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (CXII) Isaiah

Thus said the Lord: 'The heavens are My throne and the earth My footstool. Where is this, the house that ye build for Me? And where is this, the place [of] My rest?(Isaiah 66:1)

God ask us about our bond and connection with Him, which are the foundation of our Jewish identity. The heavens represent a dimension that is beyond human understanding, for from there the Creator directs all that we perceive through our senses and conscience. The material creation is ruled by a force that transcends its limitations by time, space and vital essence. This force emanates from the Creator, and we call it here His Love. Thus we understand that the material world is His footstool, the latter as the “place” under His rule.

The Jewish people are God's messengers to make His will in the Torah prevail as He commands it. Hence He asks for our Covenant with Him that rests in the inner chamber of the place we build for Him, that represents the awareness of our permanent connection with Him. This question is about us, our Jewish identity, and the reason and purpose of our lives in world.

God asks us to return to Him, to reestablish and implement goodness as our common bond with Him. He asks us to fulfill the destiny the Torah commands us to be, have and manifest, for that is the place of His “rest”. Here we also see another clear reference --also beyond our comprehension-- to the Sabbath as a fundamental principle of the connection of Israel with God.

The answer to God's question-request is to return to His ways and attributes as our essence and identity, for by doing this we do His will. Hence the building of the Temple of Jerusalem is the material manifestation of our willingness and determination to fulfill His promised Final Redemption, and the advent of the Messianic era.

And all these My hand has made, and all these things are, an affirmation of the Lord! And unto this one I look attentively, unto the humble and bruised in spirit, and who is trembling at My word.(66:2)

The Creator reminds us that all that exists is the works of His will, including His Redemption as His greatest gift for eternity. For this we have to rid ourselves from the fantasies and illusions we create out of ego's beliefs and feelings of lack that lead us to haughtiness, anger, envy, lust, coveting, indifference and indolence.

In order to permanently dwell in the realm of Love's ways and attributes that characterize the Messianic era, we must empty the vessels of our discernment, mind, feelings and emotions, from negative traits and trends, and turn them into vessels of humbleness.

Only then we can fill them with Love's ways and attributes, for these only dwell in the vessels of humbleness and in the reverence we owe to our Creator. Again let king David remind us about this.

The boastful do not stand themselves before Your eyes. You hate all workers of iniquity.” “(...) Because the wicked boasts of the desire of his soul, he blesses the covetous and despise the Lord.(Psalms 5:5, 10:3)

The bruises of our heart and soul are the negative traits and trends we inflict in our consciousness, and in our pain and suffering we atone to finally realize that Love's ways and attributes are the true home of our happiness and joy. God sees the bruises of our afflictions and appreciates the atonement that brings us back to humbleness as the vessel for His Redemption. Humbleness enables us to tremble before God's Love and His word.

Who that slaughtered the ox smote a man, who that sacrificed the lamb beheaded a dog. Who that is bringing up a present, the blood of a sow, who that is making mention of frankincense, is blessing iniquity. Yea, they have fixed on their own ways, and in their abominations their soul has delighted.(Isaiah 66:3)

God warns us about playing games with ourselves, and turning hypocrisy into a lifestyle. He reminds us that Judaism as our true lifestyle opposes praying to Him while living by and in negative traits and trends. Bringing sacrifices and offerings to Him does not give us license to transgress His Commandments. This is tantamount to becoming like the “nations” that fix their own ways and rules, and delight in them.

This warning is part of the same message God gives us if we want His Redemption. Only if we are able to remove what keeps us in our own daily hell, we will be also able to enter the heaven-like times of the Messianic era.

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