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The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (CXI) Isaiah

“And ye have left your name for an oath for My chosen ones, and God the Lord has put you to death. And to His servants He gives another name.” (65:15)

Again it is stated that God's chosen will inherit the possessions of the nations, for these will disappear. Once evil, wickedness as well as negative traits and trends are completely removed from human consciousness, all that remains belongs to the goodness of Love's ways and attributes. These inherit the “desolated” places in consciousness, and as the servants of God's goodness also will have a new identity, a new name. We will know the name of our new identity once we enter the realm of the Messianic Consciousness and the Final Redemption.

“So that he who is blessing himself in the earth does he bless himself in the God of faithfulness. And he who is swearing in the earth, does he swear by the God of faithfulness, for the former distresses have been forgotten and because they have been hid from My eyes.” (65:16)

God hints to us that all our thoughts and deeds will be the blessings of His promise as His faithfulness to the goodness He wants us to enjoy and rejoice. All we are, have and do will be blessings to such extent that there will be no memory or recalling of evil or wickedness that are hidden from the goodness of God (what is in “His eyes”).

“For, lo, I am creating new heavens, and a new earth. And the former things are not remembered, nor do they ascend on the heart. But joy ye, and rejoice for ever, that I am the Creator, for, lo, I am creating Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.” (65:17-18)

The new consciousness is born with new heavens and a new material world. Again our awareness will have no reference or recollection of the past. Nothing from our former consciousness will touch either our discernment or our heart. Our new consciousness will only be aware of our permanent connection with God, which is represented by Jerusalem.

This connection will be rebuild anew only for happiness and joy, for her people that will also manifest only the positive creative potentials of goodness, represented by the redeemed people of Israel.

“And I have rejoiced in Jerusalem, and have joyed in My people. And not heard in her any more is the voice of weeping, and the voice of crying.” (65:19)

Here we are reminded again that the new Messianic Consciousness belongs to the people of Israel, as the heralds and guides of the new and endless era God promised us as the eternal Shabbat of the last day of Creation.

“There is not thence any more a suckling [shortening] of days. And an aged man who does not complete his days, for the youth a hundred years old dies. And the sinner a hundred years old is lightly esteemed. And they have built houses and inhabited. And planted vineyards, and eaten their fruit.” (65:20-21)

No more short life in the Messianic era, for longevity is needed for knowing our Creator. Endless life to know our endless God. The knowledge to be acquired will be the houses to inhabit, and also the rejoicing of being satiated by it as grapes eaten from our vineyards.

“They do not build and another inhabit, they do not plant and another eat. For as the days of a tree are the days of My people. And My chosen long enjoy the work of their hands. They labor not for a vain thing, nor do they bring forth for trouble. For the seed of the blessed of the Lord are they, and their offspring with them.” (65:22-23)

All we learn and the fruits of our endeavors to know God will be only ours, for there will not be competition or rivalries in our knowledge of Him. We will live together with our God eternally, for He is eternal. Once more He reminds us that in our new consciousness there are no vanities or fantasies or illusions or troubles.

God's Love is fully revealed in this new consciousness, for His Love is the seed He has blessed in us and in our offspring.

“And it has come to pass, they do not yet call and I answer. They are yet speaking and I hear. Wolf and lamb do feed as one, and a lion as an ox eats straw. As to the serpent, dust is its food. They do no evil nor destroy in all My holy mountain, said the Lord!” (65:24-25)

These sweet metaphors and allegories illustrate our oneness with God. Our closeness to Him is such that before we call He answers, and before we speak He hears. Both our lower and higher aspects of consciousness will share the same interest and be fed by the same knowledge. All into and towards the positive traits and trends of the goodness of Love's ways and attributes.

Nothing in God's Creation will be able to do evil, destroy or harm, including the serpent, because in the awareness of our permanent connection with God, His holy mountain (our rebuilt Jerusalem and its Temple) there is only the goodness of His Love.

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