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The Messianic Consciousness in Jewish Prophecy (CX) Isaiah

“Thus said the Lord: 'As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one has said, “Destroy it not for a blessing is in it”, so I do for My servants' sake, not to destroy the whole. And I have brought out from Jacob a seed, and from Judah a possessor of My mountain. And possess it do My chosen ones, and My servants do dwell there.” (65:8-9)

God reminds us our essence and true identity, for these are His blessing as the seed of Jacob from whom we come. He tells us that there is a new consciousness awaiting in who we truly are. God does not destroy the goodness He planted in us as His servants. The seed of God's Love is in Jacob as Israel, manifest by its regency through Judah who represents the destined reigning Messianic Consciousness.

It is manifest as we rebuild the awareness of our permanent connection with God, represented by “possessing His mountain”. Here the Creator makes clear that this promised Messianic Consciousness is possessed by His people Israel who are “His chosen ones and His servants who dwell there”.

We have remarked and emphasized many times that the Messianic Consciousness is a collective consciousness shared by the Jewish people to lead the nations in the Final Redemption, and anchored by the Jewish king messiah.

“And Sharon has been for the habitation of a flock and the valley of Achor for the lying down of a herd, for My people who have sought Me.” (65:10)

God refers to plains and valleys in the land of Israel where all the dispersed Jews will be together gathered by our collective will and determination to return to our land as also the dwelling of our essence and true identity. This returning process as the result of seeking back to God's ways and attributes as the planted seeds of His Love in our consciousness.

“And ye are those forsaking Lord who are forgetting My holy mountain, who are setting in array for Gad a table, and who are filling for Meni a mixture.” (65:11)

God again admonishes us for forgetting our permanent bond with Him by feeding our consciousness with the idolatry of ego's fantasies and illusions. Our “mixture” of offerings to lust, coveting, envy, anger, haughtiness, indifference, indolence is what we set in array for our desires and illusions, represented by the idols mentioned in this verse.

“And I have numbered you for the sword, and all of you for slaughter bow down. Because I called, and ye have not answered, I have spoken, and ye have not hearkened. And ye do the evil thing in My eyes, and on that which I desired not [ye have] fixed.” (65:12)

God decreed that He will remove negative traits and trends in consciousness as the ones numbered for the sword and for slaughter, which are represented by the nations. These do not respond to the goodness God wants us to make prevail in the material world. Hence they are evil in His eyes, for they do the opposite of goodness.

“Therefore, thus said God the Lord: Lo, My servants do eat, and ye do hunger. Lo, My servants do drink, and ye do thirst. Lo, My servants rejoice, and ye are ashamed. Lo, My servants sing from joy of heart, and ye cry from pain of heart. And from breaking of spirit ye do howl.” (65:13-14)

The same message is reaffirmed when the time comes for the Messianic Consciousness to be manifest. Our consciousness is going to be fed by the knowledge of God, for which we serve. In a deeper understanding, in the Final Redemption also the lower aspects of consciousness (represented by the nations) will crave and thirst for the goodness they used to despise. The people of Israel as God's servants are destined to inherit the fully revealed goodness that He wants us to spread in the material world.

Our coveting will be for goodness, our lust for goodness, our envy for goodness, our pride for goodness, our anger for goodness. For in goodness our hunger and thirst are satiated, and in goodness is our happiness and rejoicing.

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