Sunday, June 17, 2018


Zion has heard and rejoiced, and the daughters of Judah are joyful because of Your judgments, O Lord.
(Psalms 97:8)

Many of King David’s psalms are clearly prophetic; some in a specific way, others in a veiled way like this one. The veiling is an invitation for us to consider the meanings of Zion, Jerusalem and the Temple, and how these resonate in our consciousness.

Zion is the highest level of consciousness in which we permanently bond with our Creator, and “hearing” and “rejoicing” are complementary situations where one leads to the other.

We often relate hearing to understanding, and seeing to knowing. As we fully understand goodness as our bond with God, the immediate outcome is enjoyment, for what would be more rejoicing than bonding with Him?  

The “daughters” of Judah, as well as the ones of Jerusalem mentioned in other passages of the Hebrew Bible, are the positive traits, qualities, trends and expressions related to goodness as our connection with God. Hence these rejoice while emulating and sharing His ways and attributes, which are also His “judgments”.

“The Lord in Zion is great, and high He is over all the peoples. (99:2)

Zion is where God dwells in us, for it is the highest awareness of His presence in our consciousness. God’s greatness is indeed His presence that encompasses His entire creation.

God is high over all, including the “peoples”, which usually also represent the negative traits and trends that separate us from the ways and attributes of goodness, that are higher and above to rule over all.

Exalt the Lord our God and bow at the sacredness of His mountain, for sacred is the Lord our God! (99:9)

We bow to sacredness in reverence to what is higher and above us, without which we can’t exist. Awe and reverence is the least we can have before what we completely depend on.

Knowing and understanding otherwise is pure arrogance, disdain and total lack of appreciation and gratitude for the sacredness that gives us life.

“Constantly (lit. all mornings) I cut off all the wicked of the land, to cut off from the city of God all the doers of evil. (101:8)

In this verse King David pioneered the phrases “not deviating from a straight path requires eternal vigilance” and “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom”, and he actually goes beyond what these mean.

The constant vigilance to live free from negative traits and evil ways requires keeping them away from us, by cutting them off our thoughts, emotions, feelings, speech and actions.

All the “doers of evil” do not belong to the city of God, for His ways and attributes do not dwell with wickedness.

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