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The scepter of your strength the Lord sends from Zion, [to] rule in the midst of your enemies. (Psalms 110:2)

This is another of the most profound verses in the Hebrew Bible, related to the Jewish final redemption and the Messianic era. We must understand it only in the context of God’s promised new consciousness in the advent of the end of times.

King David addresses the promised Messianic consciousness to Israel as his “lord”, telling us that its leading power is the ruling principle (“the scepter”) that comes from the Creator through Zion as the connecting point with Him and His creation.

We understand the Jewish final redemption as God’s fulfilled promise to Israel as the chosen people to become “a nation of priests” (Exodus 19:6) and “a light for the nations” (Isaiah 42:6, 49:6, 51:4). Therefore, Israel is the bearer of the Messianic consciousness, as it is addressed by King David.

Hence we assimilate that the quality of this future revealed consciousness will rule over the negative traits and trends, redirecting them to serve the ways and attributes of goodness. The verse that precedes this one confirms it.

“God says to my lord, ‘Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool’. (110:1)

As long as we remain permanently close to goodness, which is His “right hand” to prevail in His creation, He will turn all that is against goodness into servants as a footstool.

Thus we realize that Israel represents the traits, trends and qualities of goodness destined to prevail in human consciousness forever, as it is later reiterated.

This means that evil won’t exist in the way we know it, but as another aspect of human consciousness that will be manifested in positive and constructive expressions. This is so under the direct emanation of the goodness God promised to reign forever from Zion as His dwelling place in the material world.

“The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind. You are a priest forever in the order of Melchizedek. (110:4)

This is Israel’s priesthood established by God as an eternal decree.

The Torah and the Jewish oral tradition tell us that Melchizedek was the king of Salem (later called Jerusalem) who received Abraham after his victory over four kings of Canaan and gave him the tithe of all (Genesis 14:18-20), officially passing the eternal priesthood to Abraham and Israel his descendant. Hence the kingdom of peace (Salem) was given to Israel as their divine inheritance, as King David states in this verse.

Thus we realize that Jerusalem and Zion represent the full awareness of peace as the means to bond with the Creator, who gives it to us as the utmost expression of goodness.

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