Sunday, July 15, 2018


Jerusalem, built as a city that is together, united. (Psalms 122:3)

This verse is the answer to those who want to divide it as the capital of two different peoples that don’t share the same connection and relationship with the Creator.

The divine establishment of Jerusalem, called here “built”, is meant to reflect the oneness of the God that calls her His house on earth.

This is the same oneness of goodness, which is not a divided or disperse ethical ruling principle as the head (in Latin, “capital” means “head”) that can’t be split into parts because it is a unit.

In Jerusalem everything is not only “together” but also “united”, forming a functional harmonic unity where all is bound by goodness which purpose is to unite the diversity in all levels, aspects and expressions of human consciousness through goodness, for the sake of goodness.

For there have tribes gone up, the tribes of the Lord, companies of Israel to acknowledge [thank] the name of the Lord. (122:4)

As we have mentioned, the tribes of Israel represent the potential of goodness in what comprises human consciousness, including creativity, inventiveness, skills and talents that must be elevated by and for goodness in order to ascend to God, from whom emanates all.

In this ascent we acknowledge what God is for us, and that compels us to revere Him in gratitude because thankfulness is the immediate response to goodness when we receive it.

The verse relates also to the offerings the children of Israel brought thrice a year to the Temple of Jerusalem, commanded by God in the Torah, as the means to renew their bond with Him in a united and harmonized fashion, consonant with the unity of Jerusalem.

For there [in Jerusalem] are set thrones for judgment, the thrones of the house of David. (122:5)

The verse clearly states that judgment as the outcome of discernment must come from the highest level of consciousness that Jerusalem represents, for it is the “place” were we connect with our Creator through goodness as our bond with Him.

Here we understand judgment as the righteous approach we must have in every instance of living. Hence, having a “good judgment” means letting goodness direct our thoughts, emotions, feelings, speech and actions. Thus we assimilate that goodness is the throne as the seat from which we rule all aspects and expressions of life.

The “thrones” mentioned in the verse refer to the ways and attributes of goodness that delineate its ethical qualities. From these we harmonize the necessary interaction of intellect, mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, passion and instincts, in order to live a unified consciousness destined to function by and for goodness.

In this context, the house of David represents the willingness, commitment and determination to lead in goodness the tribes of Israel that, as we have said, encompass the positive creative potentials in human consciousness.

King David is the paradigm of the leading and ruling expressions of goodness, also called the Messianic consciousness destined to reign forever after the Jewish final redemption.

Jerusalem is the place where this new transforming consciousness is manifest to reign in the same chosen dwelling place of the Creator in this world.

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